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February 10, 2013



Hi Love the alpaca wool. I'm trying to convince my husband to let me have a couple here at our place in France. Also love the knitting patterns in the Vintage Pattern book but I don't seem to be able to download or buy it. Can you give me more information as I would really like to knit come of the patterns. Thanks, Shelley


me again......I've found the book at loopknitting shop online. They are going to send me a copy from the UK.

Also contacted my local alpaca breeder and planning on visiting his farm (I'm going to drag my husband along!) Just a couple of other questions if you didn't mind? How many skeins of wool do you approx. get from one alpaca? Also how many chickens do you keep? I love the blue eggs - are they Legbar chickens? Thanks, Shelley (love your blog by the way, if that isn't already obvious.....)


Oh my goodness, I am so excited to see your whole venture come full circle! The yarn looks delicious; you must feel so satisfied! I can't wait until the day we have room for some wool-producing critters and can participate in the whole cycle ourselves.


thank you so much, Amy! it seems like a long while ago when i did your interview. it is lovely and overwhelming to watch dreams materialize. when the time comes for you to have furry beasties don't ever hesitate to ask questions! so happy we're on this journey together! much love, abi


Hi Shelley :) So happy to hear from you from France!! One of my dream locations to visit some day. My dad used to live there and I used to own an old Citroen. Ah, anyhow. The pattern booklet. That's a good question. It doesn't seem like you can order through Berroco but I would go to their site and try to locate a yarn shop in your area that carries their yarn and booklets. I bet that's how you'll be able to find one or perhaps a US yarn shop that ships internationally :)


Woops. Just saw this now. Glad you found a copy :) As far as the alpaca fleece goes it really varies and unfortunately there isn't any reliable formula to calculating output. I can tell you that two years of fleece only yielded 40 3-oz skeins. Not much at all. The first year's fleece, the year we got the boys, was barely usable because there was too much veggie matter in it and it was too long. The farm we got them from had never shorn them. Small scale farming is not "profitable" at all but it's self sustainable if that makes sense. My boys keep roughly 2 acres "mowed" without having to use fossil fuels or my own labor beyond the daily chores they require which is minimal compared to equipment land management. They are a pleasure to have and so easy to take care of!

My chicken flock ranges between 50-200. I keep both egg layers and meat birds (50 a year/1 roaster per week). The blue egg layers are Arauncana. They are the best!! You have to have a few in any flock.

Best of luck! Ask away if you have more questions! xoA


Thanks Abi, you're the sweetest!

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