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September 03, 2012



Absolutely gorgeous! Love that yarn, too~ Definitely going to try this one.

The cooler night air is wonderful even down here in Springfield. We're enjoying the night breeze a lot more now than a couple of weeks ago.


Thanks :) You should knit one! You'll love it.

I agree about the cooler nights too xoA


that is so pretty! i love it. glad you've knit something for yourself for the new season. xo


Thanks so much Rebecca :)

karen sue

lovin' the look of this. Headed out to a fiber thingy in a couple of weeks and it's great to have something in your head to buy for, although I have NO PROBLEM just buying what talks to me!! Slowly working on another shawl, but this one might work up faster and I can wear it or gift it while I work on the other one!! Thanks for the inspiration in the show and tell.


Yes! If you can find yarn with nice drape you'll be really happy with the final results. This was a quick knit. I worked in my "spare time" over a week or two. Have fun at your fiber fest! And thank you for your kind comments too! xoA


I've been eyeing this shawl for a long time and wondering if I should make it or not. Thank you for making me finally decide YES! This is one of the most beautiful representations of this pattern I've ever seen! The color, the drape, everything is perfection!


Oh, thank you so, so much Renee for your sweet words! xoA


Any chance you sell these anywhere?? I'd love one but cannot knit to save my life! :)


Will you share your yarn? My MIL wants this for Christmas in this color. Thanks!


The yarn and color?????????

Felecia Marottoli

What yarn did you use?


Is there a way to get the pattern in English? LOVE this shawl and want to make a few but the ravelry pattern is in another language. Any tips to get this translated?


Nevermind with my comment. Wow I'm spacey sometimes. I just downloaded the wrong version. Thanks for sharing this...it's beautiful!


Thank you sooooo much for offering your beautiful patterns for free. You have no idea how greatly appreciated it is in these hard times. Very grateful. I cannot wait to make the Sweet November Shawl.

debbie a.

can this scarf be crochet instead of knitted, as i do not know how to knit?


Hi Debbie, unfortunately I don't crochet, I knit. Have you checked Ravelry for something similar? Sorry!

Catherine Mundy

Where can I get this pattern looked on Ravelry but can't find it x


Hi Catherine, follow the links through my Ravelry project (above) and you'll get to the designers page.


Cannot find pattern.

Jill Ranelle

I would like to knit this shawl and am finding this pattern on a lot of sights and have left several messages with no response, the pattern does not show a row 4, goes from 3 to 5, please help

Lindsay Griffin

Hi! What brand and color yarn did you use to make yours?

Thanks! Lindsay


Hi Lindsay, it was Louet Merlin Worsted, which I think has been discontinued :( If you follow the link to my Ravelry project above you can see all the details.


Hi Jill, I knit this so many years ago and it is not my original design :( Have you tried contacting the designer directly?


Qué mal hechas las traducciones del inglés al español, casi no se entiende lo que quieren decir


je voudrais pouvoir faire ce magnifique chale, mais avec un patron en francais. j'ai fait la traduction google, mais un peu difficile a suivre. est ce que qqun l'a deja traduit, pour moi, ca serait super. un gros merci

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