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March 26, 2012



I've seen this before and considered making it, but it seems I'm the only one who'll eat garbanzo beans in this house. However, given your endorsement, I am going to try it! I have half a can languishing in the fridge, and now I know what to do with them. Also, I love the color in your photos! The napkin pops out on a gentle texture of brown and the beans look tempting.


Do you think they would pack well? I'm always looking for new things to pack in the kids snack bag.


I don't know :( They're best eaten warmed and honestly, they really won't last once they get out of the over because they'll just get gobbled up instantly. For real! But, maybe if you found a longer, slower method of dehydration? That might work.


Go for it! You'll love them! My kids are crazy for them. Thanks so much for your compliments too :)

Donna Tensuan

Looks great! I have a lot of little people in my house that might enjoy this for snack time. Thanks!


i tried these a few weeks back but they weren't crispy...i'll try the tip of letting them drain all day or overnight and try again...I love chickpeas!


Yum! I have a couple cans knocking about so i'll have to give these a whirl. Thanks and welcome back!

Monkey Lobster

WHAAAAAT!!! when did you come back? I thought you were gone forever. So glad to see you here.


Delicious. I want to make some!


I'm definitely going to make these this weekend. My whole family loves chick peas! Thanks.


Hi Abi Spidey lady-

I saw your super lovely Pinterest link button over on your sidebar... do you have an html copy of it I could steal? and use on my blog to link to my pinterest? pretty please? or where did you find it?


Hey :) Go to Pinterest and the select the "Help" menu. Scroll down and there is a link to "add the Pinterest button to your blog or website". It will generate a button for you.


Hey there, just letting you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I was so chuffed to discover you.
The post is over here:


Hi, I just found your blog, (googling knitting and Chile) and by a strange coincidence I cooked chickpeas today. I haven't seen them in cans here, only dried. My girls love chickpeas so I might have to try this recipe.

Seems we have a few things in common, (besides a spider)!

Garden Bags

Those pics are making me so hungry, looks delicious.

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