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August 04, 2011


Pam from Kansas

Pretty pics! I have never tried the purple ones. Do they loose their color when cooked? What do the kids think about it?


I planted the same varieties last year as you did. Even though the royal burgundy cooks up green it was so easy to pick them.

I made lots of dilly beans last year. They were a hit with my family.


roasting beans..dilly beans..i'm not familiar with either method of cooking them but it sounds fascinating..each summer i make a greek bean recipe that uses onion, garlic, fresh tomato, parsley and olive oil..it's delicious hot or cold..jane


the purple ones do lose their color when cooked much to simonne's dismay. actually we refer to these two rows of beans as 'simonne's beans' because she planted them herself! she is very proud of that! the kids love them. they still get to hunt for the kentucky wonder pole beans :)


i'd love to hear about your dilly bean recipe!


to roast them i just combine them in a bowl with a few cloves of garlic and as many cherry tomatoes (whole) as i feel like. drizzle with olive oil and toss. put them in a roasting pan and into the oven at 425, checking and turning frequently until roasted to your desired tenderness. so delicious. good cold too! "dilly beans" is a way of preserving or pickling the beans. this is the first year i am trying that :)

mary klassen

my favorite way to eat beans is sauteing with a little bit of olive oil and lots of minced garlic and a wee bit of salt when done.


They're so pretty. I've made dilly beans before. I haven't decided what I'll do with mine this year if I get lots.


Yummy! Those colors!!



Mousy Brown

My harvest looks just the same! Seems so funny when we are different sides of the world but makes it seem a much smaller place! :D


what a great harvest! beautiful color!


abby have you bean on tastespotting- it is addictive!


oh my gosh nadia! i hadn't heard of it. now, even though we just ate dinner, i am starving again and can't wait to get back in the kitchen. gorgeous! thanks <3


thanks abi..i will be doing those roasted beans this summer..love to hear how your dilly beans go..j


Beautiful harvest! We probably had enough beans for one meal- I have a small garden and it has been very dry in Texas, but yours sure look good. Now I think I'll have to get some at the store and try roasting them the way you suggest this week.


I am blanching mine for a minute in boiling water, then plunge them in ice water so they stop cooking. Then I dry and freeze them. I know we will love them come winter.


i blanched our beans last year but i wasn't happy with the texture at all. i'm going to try again with the wax beans though b/c this is the first year we've planted them and they are supposed to freeze better than other varieties. have any good blanching tips?

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