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August 24, 2011



he's so cute! I love his little eyes in the last picture. Hope the cats leave him be.


How adorable! Nice addition. I too hope the kitties can make their peace with Pancake!


me too! i think they will, they are accustomed to baby chicks and seem to differentiate somehow? but, we will be super vigilant.


i hope so too. i just mentioned to kathy in the first comment that our cats are very accustomed to baby chicks but we won't let down our guard :)


Oh- memories!! I had a little hamster that looked just like him. Mine was named Ken, and we used to let him run all over the couch in the evenings! :) This was long, long ago, prior to husband and kids. Have fun with him!


he's like my little workshop buddy right now. the kids play with him during the day but he's really so sleepy. after they go to bed he wakes up and hangs out with me in the dining room in his ball while i am stitching something up. i'm loving it!


I just love the little face on him. We had a hamster just like your when our daughter was 2. That was 31 years ago. What memories it brings me back to. She named him "Cocky"....?.... I would imagine it wasn't on account of his pleasant personality.....LOL.


This is the cutest hamster I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing the photos. You made my night.


we had a whole succession of hamsters ( and one unexpected litter!) when my four were young. They were wonderful easy to care for first pets. My only regret was the brief life - expectancy.Have fun!

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I love his little eyes in the last picture. Hope the cats leave him be. I had a little hamster that looked just like him. I just love the little face on him.

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