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July 17, 2011


Amanda Cathleen

our tomato jungles look quite alike! I do something similar but I use welded wire fencing. I'm horrible at pruning too!


Yay for tomato jungles! Our mini-jungle is looking quite happy, with lots and lots of fruit and some starting ripen. Looks to be our only successful crop this year! Maybe they like being so close together after all. ;)


Looks great! I love how you mixed the flowers in there too:) Can't wait to see what you do with all these tomatoes!

Baby by the Sea

Totally impressive. Wish you could come over an Dr. my tomatoes.


hey there! i just found your blog by googling for upcycled projects (my sister and i are having an upcycling week on our blog next week and i will add some of your projects to our link list)
just wanted to say that i was here. and i love what i see here, your projects and photography, so i'm subscribing and will be back!
have a lovely day!

Monkey Lobster

is that a guns and roses line?

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