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July 11, 2011



Those cherries look both beautiful and delicious. Enjoy!


Cheers on the cherries! Sorry, not a gluten-free recipe around in my home...I'll keep my ears open, though. I have a friend that has played around with a few. Thanks for the lovely pictures and post! Taste of summer!

Melissa Bramble

Hi, Abi. Gluten-Free Pantry has a good pie crust mix (I think I tend to use more butter than it calls for). Their GF french bread/pizza crust mix is also terrific: I've served it to several non-GF foodies, and they've all been floored by how good it is.


thanks melissa! you know, i have a box of that in the cupboard i completely forgot about! looking at the box now. do you use the butter flavored shortening or all butter? i think that's why it ended up in the back of the cupboard b/c i didn't have shortening on hand.


I rarely delve into the gluten-free, even though I am fascinated by the idea. I'm thinking of trying this recipe from Gluten-Free Girl. Here's the link
We're Having a Pie Party


oh..cherries..i love them..the look of them especially but of course they are delicious..your photos are scrumptious..jane


These are my favorite cherries!! They make the best cherry jam. It tastes like you are eating cherry pie everytime you spread it on something. Try: http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/desserts/r/almondpiecrust.htm


aren't they delicious?! i had to freeze the first batch because i didn't have time but i wanted to make jam with some of them. thanks for the link! i assume you bake it first a bit, fill it and then continue with your recipe?


thanks jane :)


thanks dahlia! lots of info there. her book was the first ones i read when i was diagnosed.


Truly, I have only used it for pumpkin pie. I do prebake for the 10 minutes and let it cool before filling and baking again. I found hazelnut flour at a local market and want to try that with a chocolate filling. I enjoy visiting your blog, thanks!


Hi there Abi. I used brazil nuts and honey for my pie crust. The draw back is it's nearly impossible to get a crust on top. My friend just gave me Gluten Free baking for dummies, but I haven't tried any pie crust recipes in there.


Oh! and Montmorecy cherries are my absolute favorite! though, in truth, I've not found a cherry I didn't like.

Melissa Bramble

Butter all the way! ;-D

Waterwheel House Quilt Shop

Will trade fat quarters for cherries!


oh the pie does look delicious, and what a beautiful tree you have. Thank you for letting us visit, we are so happy to have met you and your lovely family. we came home to baby chicks!


nadia, that is just the best news! i am so happy to hear it. meeting you guys was the exclamation point on a truly lovely day for me :) stop in again soon!


I'm discovering your blog and your corner of Vermont via Nadia. The two of you make me long to hug baby chicks and pick cherries right out of the tree... but my life is in Los Angeles, a world of difference.

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