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June 08, 2011



Here's are garden about two weeks ago. http://echolage.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/all-without-a-yard/

I'm writing this from a coffee shop while Kevin and Alder are harvesting and replanting three sections of our garden. Good bye radishes, lettuces and spinach. Hello dikon, aloe and arugula.


really nice stacey! i love that your garden is so 'out there' and that you are growing your own in the city. i bet it's really inspiring to passers-by.


Since we moved to Boston last summer I've really missed my old Oregon community garden :( I work at a University with a student-run garden. Since most of the students are gone this summer I offered to be a garden caretaker and in return they let me plant some potatoes in an empty bed.

I'm also doing what I can on our apartment balcony:http://foxflat.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/balcony-garden-innovations/

Piecing it together plot by pot!

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Love your gardening!


Ooooh! I am so late on the garden front! I've been busy with who knows what, and the weather and seedlings were just not cooperating.
I finally managed to get most of my balcony done tonight (at 10pm!) Hopefully, the vegetable plots will get done in the coming week... Luckily, the lettuces, cilantro and arugula had self-sown themselves, and the perennial beds take care of themselves!

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nice garden and your blogalso , we have a blog about cheap modular timber house, these are eco and it is good for the nature.

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mary klassen

Nice garden pictures, I love it when I find a garden blog and when it includes knitting it's a bonus as well. You can check out my garden here http://maryslettersmx.blogspot.com/

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