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May 04, 2011



Sounds so fabulous, Abi! What a full life you are leading... so rewarding.


You're brave. Bravery is rewarded handsomely. I envy your life.


This is THE life for children, so fulfilling for them later on because of it too. As far as the ducklings are concerned, they are adorable when they are small but they all come factory equipped with a diva gene and when they grow up, will have a tendency to want to rule the roost. Hopefully, your cats will be able to keep them in line, LOL.


Absolutely beautiful!

Courtney S.

I love your kid's garden birthday idea. I bet he'll get much more entertainment and education out of those plants than any plastic toy. Maybe someday I'll use your idea.. if I ever have kids!
I wish there was a poultry swap where I live.


if there was any doubt....

Lois B

Love to read about your family and your farming adventures. The children are lovely and learning how wonderful life can be. Congratulations.

Brigid Huey

This post warms my heart. Best birthday wishes to your little one!


Hi, I like looking in and reading through your blog. Lovely pictures, lovely farm and lovely knitting. If you have the time I have a little something for you on my blog.:)


Sounds lovely!


Great photos, pretty much a good peek at what your kids will someday call fond memories.

I am shocked that your son is two. I still think of you as expecting. (I'm sure that must make you shudder to imagine two more years pregnant, but you know what I mean.)

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