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April 11, 2011



Your friends/neighbors give a more bountiful life than money ever can. Congrats on the fencing.


This is a beautiful post, Abi.


it looks great, even more farmie. we are hoping to come for a visit over spring break next week. what do you say?


I understand exactly what you are talking about. It just can't be put into words. It's a state of mind that carries you to a different place altogether.


ahhh fences! we currently have 175 cedar posts awaiting holes to be augered for a more SECURE pasture for our seven horses.Our part of Ontario is still too cold an wet yet to begin. I do so understand what you mean by freedom,-freedom from worry that they will escape " on a walk -about" yet again! LOL.
Rural living is meant to be communal in a way I think. Having been raised on a working farm most feancing tasks were shared by my father and two uncles. They did many tasks together on all three farms.
Our own farm is close by to my husbands parents farm and this is very valuable to us both.

City girl in the country? so happy for you that your dreams have come true!


We are also in the process of fence planning. Although WAY behind you guys! We have yet to clear the area even. I can't tell you how exciting and motivating it was to read your post! Someday we'll have some very happy sheep and alpaca safely enclosed by said fences.... until then, I really enjoy being able to read about yours!

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