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February 20, 2011



Is there a catch? I mean seriously, I paid nearly that much for *each* one of my addi turbo circulars?

But I'm intrigued with the concept of the cables being the same size as the needle thickness....

oh man - intrigued indeed

Jessica L.

I love this !! I totally need one for all my circulars!! Beautiful!


i'm intrigued as well. how can they sell them so cheaply???


no catch! i couldn't believe it myself! the bamboo is really nice quality, they are very smooth and i can't tell you what a difference it makes that the cable is the same thickness as the needle. if you go to page 4 of the shops feedback you will see a picture i added of the join too (redcombvintage). also, with the 16" needle the needle itself is shorter so they are so much easier on your hands to knit with. i really love these.


i really don't know?!




also, the cables are really, really flexible.


Love that needle case, so pretty. Here's a link to my Picture a Day http://lifebythelakeside.blogspot.com


Hi, Abi! I can't wait to get my needles! I'm going to make a case, too, because you've totally inspired me! And, after my next eBay sale, I'm going to buy the 16 inch set, as well. I love your needle case. Right now, all my needles are swimming around in a sea of confusion, a plastic shoe box. I hate digging for the right ones, searching for a needle gauge, figuring out which cable is attached to which needle tip. And they're all different... some addis, some metal, some plastic, a few bamboo. You get the idea. Thanks for sharing! You always have the best ideas...

Here's my pic a day from yesterday... haven't posted today's... y e t.



oooh, I'm going check out these needles now! Love the case you whipped up for them.


I couldn't stand it - I'm just so curious, hopefully they arrive quickly :)


those needles look pretty inviting – what a good deal! (plus, it's always nice to support handmade.) thanks for sharing this!

Pam from Kansas

You should make more of those cases an sell them in your shop - I bet a lot of people would buy them.


I stumbled over your blog, and am so glad I did! I have been looking for a circular needle set and have been hemming and hawing about getting an interchangeable set for a while now, but your feedback about that and other review I've read have made me hesitate. These look awesome! Thank you for the link!

Great case too, I love it!! I guess I'll have to get making one of those too, once I order my needles. Thanks again!

Kanal Jhon

I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again!

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