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December 16, 2010



Eeek, love 'em. I might try to bust some out tonight. Thanks for the pattern! :)


I love them! Thanks for the pattern. I have some old Red Heart worsted weight from my grandma's that would be perfect to use. A cute way to get rid of it and get some more quick gifts made.


yay! i just updated the pdf as of 10:30pm to fix a stitch count and rewrite the thumb area that made sense to me but that i now think is clearer. make sure you work from that version! ooxx


sara, i used vanna's choice for these b/c i never know how well they will be cared for. red heart will be great! make sure you work from the latest pdf which i uploaded at 10:30 to replace the old one that had some funky stitch counts. thanks! happy holidays!


I always love making last minute gifts! Not sure why I find it so gratifying.

Thanks for the pattern!


Perfect size, I'll add this to my gift giving list...the chickens, did they go in the snow??? They can't stand on the ramp all day, all winter! Too Cute.


I wonder if I cold figure out how to turn my pattern into a pdf. People are downloading faster with it. Congratulations on your success!!


How awesome are these! Thx for the pattern! I see a few pairs of these in my future!


Beautiful pattern, thank you for sharing!


you are so welcome! happy holidays! xxoo


you are welcome! i hope that you enjoy knitting them! happy holidays xxoo


check your fb messages :) i'll help you if i can! xxoo


some did! but chicken chicken is still the first one out on the ramp in the morning, holding up the line, only to turn around and head back in again. silly. enjoy the mitts and happy holidays xxoo


me too! you are welcome! happy holidays xxoo


What an adorable pattern! I have been in love with fingerless glove and mittens this season for some reason. I am working on some crocheted ones now, but oooo would I like to learn to knit these!! Could a beginner do these?


Very cute. I just did two last minute gifts that I wasn't planning and my yarn is packed away (it normally resides where the Christmas tree is now). But I may need to make a pair in the new year for driving to work - thank you! There isn't anything else peekabooing in this picture... is there?


lol! you are too funny! but bite that tounge! nope. nothing else peekabooing here ;) happy holidays to you and yours xxoo


I will make these - they are going to be perfect for my guys! I'm also admiring your awesome waffle hat! Love all that yummy vintage goodness behind you.

We only have an inch of snow on the ground but our chickens don't seem to mind - they stay out all day and only return to the coop at night or to lay. I think it's because the girls laying make such a fuss when the others are just walking around in there.

Just thinking about you and your family - my middle guy wants to play guitar too. guess it's time to start looking for a teacher. Have a wonderful week lady!


Thanks for writing this up and sharing, Abi! Just the kind of mitts we need for winter critter-care here in the Sierra foothills.


I just finished my first pair of your Peekaboo Mitts and had a great time knitting them. They turned out so well, I just don't want to take them off any more. They are great for me as I always suffer from cold and stiff wrists while typing, so hopefully those cold finger days are over!


Hi Heidi! I am so glad you like them! Thanks so much for taking the time to write :) xx Abi


Hi. Thank you so much for this pattern. I have made one pair but I have a couple questions. One is if you have ever adjusted the pattern for small hands. My 5 year old daughter would like a pair and I would love to make them for her. Have you ever done it or should I just wing it here?
The other question was about the decrease in the last 5 stitches in the round. I tried to follow what the pattern said but it ended up looking kind of funky so I am not sure I am doing it right. Is it just to reduce the number of stitches? I am not sure what it means to take it from the right hand needle.
I appreciate your gift of the pattern for the Peekaboo Mitts. They look great.
Thank you!


Found you through MJ's blog -- will def. have to try this pattern. I love it. :)


Either there's a small error or I'm not reading this right.. on round 12 it says "Knit to the last stitch 6 stitches Sl1," etc... What does this mean? It seems like a word is perhaps missing here. Thanks!


Hi, I'm working on your peekaboo mitts now and got a question for you! When you said 'using a stitch from your right hand needle' for k2tog, did you mean I had to slip one stitch from the right side needle? I'll wait for your reply!! Thanks!

ps. this is where I'm stuck!
Round 12
Knit to the last stitch 6 stitches sl1,
k1, psso, k3, k2tog (using a stitch
from your right-hand needle)


I am a fairly new knitter and I want to make these but have a question.
I am at the first round of the thumb gusset. Do I make the M1L in between the last dpn and the first? So by doing this now my stitch marker has two stitches before it instead of just the one. Do I just need to remove the stitch marker at this point?
Thanks for your help


The part where it says to cast on 5 stitches after the waste yarn part has me confused, where do I cast on the stitches?


You'll cast onto your right hand needle with your working yarn :)


I am now at the final section, the thumb section, this is my first time making anything like this and I'm wondering if anyone could do a tutorial on how to do this part?

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