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June 02, 2010



Arrgh! I wish I could do that!! What pattern/instructions are you using?? I am hopeless with crochet instructions..


Spidey, I just saw the new Berroco photos up on Ravelry! (How cute is Vaughn in the Arshile pic?! And Simonne in the Maxim pic?!) Will you have a chance to post about the last photo shoot soon?


OMG I just saw the new Berroco photos too and had to pop over and say how GORGEOUS they all are!! I thought the photos from the Vintage shoot were great, but these are off the hook! How fun for you and the family. I want to knit every single one of the patterns--they are so exactly what I love about handknit garments and you all look fabulous in them. And the alpacas....those faces! Well done. And a sweater named after you?! Lucky lady! Okay, enough of my gushing..enjoy!


ahhhh!! i just saw too! how exciting! i will post as soon as i can! oh my gosh. i want to knit every single one of those sweaters! simonne was holding the chickens the entire day! she's too much, such a farm girl!


<3 Crochet. It's practical for so many things!

Congrats on the Berroco modeling, too. What an honor, and such a beautiful family!


thank you so much jennifer! i just saw too!! seriously, the sweaters are amazing! the minute i saw them i wanted to knit literally every single one. they are SO wearable! i am completely overwhelmed @ the abi sweater! i had no idea! it was such a fun day! i will post soon! (gratuitous exclamation marks begin here !!!!!!)


i am using the 200 Crochet Blocks book. it's great! i have a basic understanding of crochet since that was how i started my 'crafty life' years ago but never went beyond straight crochet until last night! i'll help you when we gather! ok?


ps. i just added the book to my sidebar. it's really lovely to look at and the instructions are very clear.

Sense of Home

Your stitches are so nice and neat, I crochet, but it rarely looks that neat.


thank you! it's good to know that i can keep *something* neat! all my other efforts seem futile :)


thank you so much! i can't wait for the 'official' release of the book!

i made those two squares last night in just a short while which is unbelievable coming from knitting!


Hooray! I love to knit but you can't beat the speed of crochet, especially for blankets ;) I've got to check out that book...


Your blocks are beautiful! I must learn to crochet. We absolutely love our girls and cannot believe how fast they are growing - they are practically flying out of the brooder. Thanks so much for all your advice thus far - i'm sure i'll need more. And congrats on the gorgeous Berroco photos - your kiddos are the cutest models. Enjoy your beautiful family!


Hey there. I saw the new Berroco Remix photos on Ravelry. You all are so cute! It's no wonder Gaughan and Rose keep coming back to your family for photo shoots. Just adorable. So cute you'll give me cavities. Especially the one with you kissing your little girl with pigtails...

Sonya from Permaculture Pathways

Lovely squares, I'm just learning crochet and making a lot of little flowers - but I want to get onto squares, I must get that book and get started, Sonya


so pretty... is it possible to make granny squares in knit instead of crochet...i can knit but i have no clue how to crochet! :)


I see pieces like this and am inspired to learn to crochet. I taught myself to knit last summer and have fallen in love with knitting. So maybe this summer will be crochet. Thanks for the inspiration.


That green is fantastic!

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