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June 14, 2010



I have so much fun reading your blog! Thanks for the great photos and explanation. I don't have alpacas, but I know the farmers here send the fleeces out for processing. If you only had a small amount, perhaps you can clean it yourself. I'm not sure. I've spun alpaca and it's wonderful!


First off, I commend you for not laying down and rolling in the alpaca right there on the sidewalk. I'm thinking I might still be there... of course, the smell might be a bit much... :)

Secondly, I think you need to put some of that fiber up your Etsy shop. *pretty please* I don't even know how to spin, but oh, do I want to feel that fiber!

And finally, they look quite silly that I did LOL. They are so SKINNY!


Oh, My! They look so cute (and humiliated) with their new haircuts! It just makes me laugh and smile and feel bad for them all at the same time! It also makes me think of a pixar short on the Incredibles DVD... it's called "Boundin'," I believe. It is SO worth watching. As always, thanks for sharing your adventures with us, Abi, and keep up the good work!


Whoa!!! They look like long necked deer.
See them and you all in 3 weeks.


So silly! I don't know about the fiber. I've got two little sheep that I won't be shearing till next year for the first time and I'm wondering the same thing.


Hello I´m Alejandra from Buenos Aires-Argentina and I just began to read your blog a feww weeks ago, when I was looking for some knitting patterns and I found it. Your alpacas looked so thin now!!!, but you ´ll have wonderful material. I never spinned so i cann´t give you any advice. But good luck, enjoy it.!!!!


OMG - those are the cutest and goofiest looking alpacas I've ever seen! Very Seussian!

Life At Cobble Hill Farm

What a great post! Poor babies!! Yes, those chickens sure get upset about the darndest things.


The photographs literally made me laugh out load. They look so peculiar! I'm curious...I've heard that alpacas and llamas make good guard animals (on par with dogs?) - do you find this to be true?

Sense of Home

I had no idea they would be so small under all that wool. Love the new do! Thanks for sharing.


I am so glad the shearing went well!! Of course now you have to learn how to spin...


Way cool!
I can just hear your hens response to the new sheared boys, too funny. :)


Oh my goodness, that is one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile.

I don't spin, but I know someone who processes her own alpaca fleece: washing, carding, spinning, etc. If you want, I can ask her if it would be okay to give you her email address. Let me know if you're interested.


Oh, Abi, I laughed out loud when I saw that skinny little one! Spinning that gorgeous fibre is going to be so much fun!


Man! Do they look funny all sheared! HA! Chicken's are probably saying, who are these monsters in our field!!


thanks christina! i'm looking into both ways. ultimately i want to do it all myself and i guess there is no real hurry with these fleeces but i just can't wait to use them!


lol! kathy, who said i didn't do that? ;)

don't they look absurd? i am still caught off guard when they run toward me like this!

i don't know that i could part with any of this fleece! how selfish is that of me?


yes! i feel the same way and i actually worry about them quite a bit now. they seem so small and vulnerable without their fleece, you know?


sausage dan! is that you? if it is tell tambra i said 'hello' :)


aw, sweet! i'd love to add some sheep too! what breed do you have? i feel a wee bit overwhelmed by the fleeces but also incredibly excited to work with them!


hi Alejandra! have you heard of The Zapp Family? they are Argentinians traveling the world in an old car. they stayed with us for a while on the farm when they were traveling through Vermont and we promised them we'd come to Argentina someday!

thanks so much for saying hello :)


yes! that is the best description of their current state that i have heard! 'seussian' is perfect! it makes you wonder if he was actually an alpaca farmer? :)


silly girls, those hens! they are still not over it!


well, i have to say that since we have moved the alpacas into the field with the chickens we haven't lost a single one. our neighbors dog came down (battery on her collar died) and attacked our hens a few days ago and the alpacas were right on it! they were stomping at the dog. it was a very stressful event. i didn't want to lose chickens or have my neighbors dog get trampled by the boys either. so i guess the short answer is, yes!

that being said, without their fleece i am terribly worried about them. they are the size of a young deer but lighter and we have coyotes. they seem much more vulnerable now.


you're welcome :) me either! i have seen plenty of alpaca after they were shorn but i guess never right after, you know!


hmmm...i think i know someone who can teach me ;)


they are still up in arms! to be fair though it is a drastic change. even we are still not used to them :)


that would be AMAZING! i would love to be in touch with her. i am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the fleeces right now :) thank you so much!


i know it charity! they are so funny :)


they are! the hens are still not happy when they come in their 'zone'. i keep running out there thinking there is a fox in the field or something but it's just indy or hayden munching on grass too close to the coop!

Monkey Lobster



Hi, Abi. I just wrote to her to see if I could give you her name and email address. I'll send you a private message on Ravelry when I hear back from her: I'm mmiscevic over there.


Yes it is sausage dan. Tam has been hello'd.


I like their new look! Congratulations on your first shearing day! I look forward to shearing day all year....I consider it a holiday. I don't know anything about alpaca fiber. Are you wanting to learn to spin? If so maybe send it to the mill so you can have a roving all clean and carded and ready to be spun. Some mills will even spin it for you if you want. Enjoy Abi!

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