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June 16, 2010


Monkey Lobster

oh how i would have cried and cried. living in canada i grew up with ikea everything. i have childhood memories of playing in the ball pit in the childcare.


Abi, this is funny. Yet another similarity. IKEA is my favorite store after thrift stores, too! My house *is* IKEA. I designed my kitchen on IKEA's website and put it all together and installed it with my husband. Our closet is IKEA, the kids' bunkbeds and dressers are IKEA, my table and chairs, and some lamps and rugs and dishes and lots of kitchen stuff.

The neareset IKEA to us is around 3.5 hours away, and I haven't been to one in about 4 years. Can you say withdrawal? :) When I saw the first picture of your post, I immediately said "IKEA. They went to IKEA."

Once, on the tail end of a particularly miserable camping vacation (nothing but rain and mosquito bites) with one 11 month old son who was just learning to walk, we decided to redeem the trip by stopping at IKEA "on the way" home. Essentially, this meant leaving the panhandle of Florida at dinner time and driving all night long to Pittsburgh to shop when they opened. We crammed a chair into our already crammed car and then drove an hour to the border of Ohio and West Virginia to the Fiestaware Outlet (Oh, Yes!) and crammed even more into our car. Their seconds room is amazing. I have a kitchen full of multi-colored plates and platters and bowls that cost a dollar or two.

That was always one of our favorite adventures. IKEA and then Fiestaware on the way home. The only thing to make it better is garage-saling on the way home. Sigh...

Thanks for letting me reminisce...

Hope they're open for you next time!


Wait. Like closed, closed forever? Or just on Sunday? I guess it's growing up in California because Sunday is THE shopping day and IKEA is crammed to the rafters with people on a Sunday. Weird! :)


While it's sad that you got to IKEA only to find it closed for the day, it's fantastic that you made the most of it... particularly with such an open and empty lot to play in! You must realize most people would have just kept on driving after finding the place closed up. Kudos for adventures!


Wow... There are still places in North America that are closed on Sundays?
You guys need to drive up to Montreal, it's not so very far away from Vermont(or Boucherville, it might be closer for you)and IKEA's open 10am to 9pm Mondays to Fridays, and closes at 5pm on week-ends. Personally, I avoid the week-ends: parking is impossible and the line-ups are massive.
I do like IKEA, it was a real life safer when I was in school. I am, however, trying to ween myself off of it, because I fall in love with things, and by the time I make my mind up to get them, they're discontinued... I've had my heart broken many a time by IKEA's short product runs.
At least you had fun in the parking lot. There is little by way of redemption in those big box parking lots, but if one can at least have fun, it kind of makes up for it, doesn't it?


I love IKEA! Sorry it was closed, but the picnic sure looks like fun :)

I stopped by to tell you about my giveaway on my blog, because it was inspired by a post of yours a while back. Check it out!


ah yes, the Bergen County blue laws. ::shakes fist at sky:: Ironically, we fell prey to the same fate this weekend at the Lowes in East Rutherford. ("why is the parking lot so empty???") We ended up going to the one in Paterson. They didn't have what we needed, either. Why can't everything be open 24/7 and stocked with everything imaginable, like Amazon.com?!


Ha! This post totally cracks me up. We live on a tiny island and whenever we venture off and travel to Seattle, something like this happens. From the pics, it seems you made the most of it.

Jake Johnson

That looks like some nice concrete (nj) to roller blade on.

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