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May 25, 2010



Wow! You could write a book with this much information! Wonderful, easy to follow, and so informative. I am feeling encouraged to try it on my own, now! Thanks, Abi!


go for it suzanne! keeping chickens is so rewarding!


Thanks so much for this post! Our chicks are arriving tomorrow and our brooder is nearly complete but i purchased clear bulbs and not red. I'm off to tractor supply right now to exchange the bulbs for red - great advise! Thanks for all this beautifully written info - and i should know as i've read everything i could get my hands on this past week. you should write a book and fill it with your gorgeous photos of your family, farm and flock. Thanks so much!


you are SO welcome! i am just so excited for you guys! can you stand it? the little peepers will be here tomorrow! yay! you'll love them and taking care of them will be second nature for you guys before you know it! email if you need any more help/advice after they arrive :)


Abi, this is fabulous information - thank you!! I can hardly wait to get my own litle girls settled in here.

Speaking of MacGyver - have you guys checked out the old episodes lately? We bought the first two seasons on DVD, and Brian really loves them. (Although I was a little shocked to see how corny they felt to me - I was so in love with MacGyver...) I was thinking Jorn might get a kick out of them, too!


You are amazing. I was riveted!


you are welcome charity! what a great idea! i bet jorn would get a kick out of it too :)


aw, thanks karin!


So weird about the red bulbs! Very interesting stuff, keep it coming! I love that visiting your blog helps me live my little homestead dream for a few minutes.


just favorited this....this is in my future.


and thank you so much. what a nice tutorial, if you will.


Kismet! My wee little ones are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow - I'm a city gal so my flock is small (all of 5!) compared to yours :). Very very excited about my new arrivals and everything is setup and ready to go for when I get that phone call to make my pickup. I've been following your blog for awhile now and you are such an inspiration (I found Ravelry through you!). Thank you for sharing :)


oh, how exciting! congrats! please don't hesitate to email me at spiderwomanknits at gmail dot com if you have any questions about your newbies! ok?! oh, i am just so excited for you! what breeds did you get?


thanks so much and you are very welcome emma!


you are so welcome! i always love to hear when people are getting chickens! let me know when your flock arrives :)


I will be taking you up on that! :)
... day one is almost over and it's been exhausting watching them every second of the day! :) Let's see - I got an Australorp, Easter Egger, Speckled Sussex, Rhode Island Red and Gold Laced Wyandotte - and my peas have sprung in the garden and are ready for picking - just been awesome all around today.


Moving to a farm in GA this summer and will raise chickens (among other things) and I am very excited. I did want to ask and if I offend I apologize in advance but do you only use your chickens for eggs or do you also use them for meat? Was just curious as I'm not yet sure if we are just doing eggs or if we will do eggs and meat. Any advice would be awesome.


Hi Delise! So exciting! We raise chickens for both meat and eggs. We raise a different breed for meat though, our egg layers are separate. A post on that is long overdue. We raised 52 meat birds this year for our own personal use! It's been wonderful!

mary klassen

I am getting my first 3 chickens ever in a few weeks, there have just started laying eggs. The people that have raised them up until now are not organic farmers but I want to be (calling me a farmer is a bit of a stretch) they are feeding them oysters shells, I don't read anything on your blog about that, is this necessary? My hens will be able to forage in my backyard but it is mostly lawn now, not much dirt to dig around in but plenty of grasshoppers, worms and slugs to eat.


So I found you on a google search for chick brooders and then saw all the knitting! I love your site! Thanks so much for this helpful information. We are expecting our first chicks tomorrow and we're all giddy with excitement. Their brooder is all set up and awaiting their arrival. xx

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