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April 14, 2010



I follow Mimi Kirchner's blog, she does the most wonderful dolls and pincushions....they are so fantastic!




So cute & functional! I may have to copy this idea...right after I make that pillowcase tote.

I have to totally agree with you about Martha's website...it really is a pain. Too bad since there is some great stuff there.

Enjoy your week, vacation or not;)

Elizabeth D

There's a pincushion kind of like this in a book called Uncommon Crochet. You crochet a litle baskety thing out of jute twine, then fill with the cushion part. Just in case you're interested. . .


That is so adorable!!! A little suggestion: I had a friend who made pincushions for fun, and she would fill hers with extra fine sand and a couple drops of mineral oil, along with the polyfill. The sand would keep the pins sharp and free of burrs, and the oil would prevent rust.
I could really use a pincushion, especially one filled with sand, but I have silly cats, and I just know I would come home to a big disaster. So I have to contend with fiddly boxes of dull pins...
BTW, MS's website is a handfull, I've basically given up on it!


oh my goodness, i just spent a ridiculous amount of time looking through her blog and etsy shop! amazing and SO inspiring. thank you so much for sharing the link. her dolls are incredible. wow.


thanks jess! let me know if you make a tote (or a pincushion) i'd love to see :)

i feel like ever time i try to find a link on her MS's site i am left empty handed which seems so weird b/c you'd think it would be organized more intuitively. oh well. that is pretty much why i still subscribe to her paper magazine.


thanks elizabeth! i'll have to check it out :)


what a great idea! some of my pins are very dull :(

i'm glad i am not the only one who can't navigate that site. i try to find the appropriate link to share in my posts but i can never find what i am looking for!


I love all of Mimi's things as well! I smile every time I go to her blog. The girls at Purl Soho in NYC love her as well. She did a free doll pattern for them and it's posted on their blog...


I still make the occasional doll for myself. I love them, even at my age....


Sense of Home

I love tea, and that pincushion idea is creative and artsy, I like that.

Mousy Brown

That is so funny - I am not a stalker I promise but I did a pincushion too (http://mousybrownshouse.typepad.com/poised-to-take-flight/2010/03/pincushion-present.html) - great minds think alike?! :D


it gets even weirder because i was just looking through your blog and guess what i have stacked up next to me? a pile of vintage napkins that i want to make into a quilt! i have been saving them up for some time now and might have enough to give it a go.

seriously, we just might be soulbloggers! this is too funny! great minds indeed ;)


thanks brenda!

Mousy Brown

Brilliant! Can't wait to see it! I'll keep looking.....:D


I made a grocery tote using your tutorial this evening. Your instructions were easy to follow, and I'm pleased with the outcome. Thank you for the idea. oxo

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