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February 13, 2010


Amanda Cathleen

wow what a difference Abi! I have to say I like the profile of the raglan increases as written too. The little puffs are cute! But how did it look when you where wearing it? Love that your knitting your new sweater straight from the other one.


It looks puffy and weird :( It looks just like that actually. Not good. The new one doesn't look as good just laying there but I knit it with a bit more negative ease on larger needles so that it fits almost the same though, does that make sense?


I like this idea. Of knitting the new one from another. It feels so right.


Looks great Abi! I can't believe you actually fit your arms through those tiny things!


It works this time b/c the other sweater hasn't been sitting for too long otherwise I think you'd get too much kink in the yarn, you know?


Tell me about it! Thanks so much too. I am crossing my sticks it works out. I really want to wear this sweater :)


Hi, Abi,

I'm noticing in the original sweater a distinctive line kind of wear a empire waist might be, and I keep wondering about it. I don't think it's the photography. I think it's an actual change in stitch or needle or something. I keep wondering about that line, and I see it's not in the second sweater. Am I going crazy? Or do I really see that?

The new sweater looks great, by the way! I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of it.

Knit on.... Suzanne


Very nice job. I am so glad you dcided to re-knit. Not sure about the original pattern....what were they thinking??


Oh, My, I can tell I was asleep when I wrote that comment. "wear a?" I'm not that terrible with grammar, really! :) Please replace that with "where an..." and pretend I was not so negligent in proofing my comment before having my morning tea.


You made the right choice. It kills me when I have to do that, but you never would have worn it with those arm holes. Looking much better.


Hi! I know this post is old, but I'm thinking about knitting this sweater, (my first), and I'm curious about the differences between the two that you made. Is the only difference that you used a traditional raglan increase versus the one written in the pattern? Thank you!

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