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February 15, 2010


Monkey Lobster

3 out of 4 of our chickens lay HUGE eggs. yes they don't fit in the cartons. they are starting to lay again after a long eggless winter. we'll have to measure them and see who's chickens lays bigger eggs.

have fun with leah.


Gorgeous egg shot.
I started raising chickens last year.
What breed lays the green/blue eggs?
I'm ramping up production for spring and would like to have that gorgeous color!


Yes! You'll want to get yourself some Americanas/Araucanas. You might also want to get some Cuckoo Marans too who lay a very dark chocolate brown egg. So beautiful! We'll be adding those this spring. Have fun!


Oh gosh, what breeds do you keep again? I feel so badly for this hen. So far we have only one laying gigantic eggs. I have to warn people that the carton won't close right as they are picking them up. "Caution, massive egg enclosed!" ;)


We've had chickens for 2 years and just love them. I hope to add some Marans and some Aracanas this year, as well as some more cochins, which are my DHs favorite.
Are your HUGE eggs double yolkers? I get XL eggs on occasion from my small flock and sometimes they are doubles and sometimes not. When I find one I always look around to see which hen is walking funny!


lol! so true! i do feel badly for the hen (now hens) responsible for these. they are double yolkers, actually. we have a customer who said she love them b/c of the double yolks :)

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