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January 19, 2010


Life At Cobble Hill Farm

It sounds like you have wonderful memories. How lucky you were to have had the experience. I do hope that you'll post more about your time at the cabin including the whys, hows, etc. You're right, many of us wish for that type of opportunity (myself included) at least for a short period of time. It seems that you would learn a lot about yourself.
Thank you for sharing.

Mary Lee Giebel

What a wonderful experience! I have been thinking about doing something similar for years, so I would love any and all details that you would be willing to share. I would also like to know, if you had it to do over again, are there things you would have done differently or an item that you would have liked to have had with you. I'm not thinking of electronics, etc, but basic items like a larger saw or knife. I would also be interest in your thoughts on safety (woman-in-the-woods-alone). I can see my grandkids joining me during the summer or on weekends, but otherwise I am looking forward to the solitude...as safe as it can be. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful blog. I always look forward to your postings.


What an amazing and wonderful experience. Brought tears to my eyes too:) I'd love to know as much about it as you would like to share. All the little details interest me too...what (and how) did you eat...how did you clean yourself without running water, in the winter? There is something so magical about getting far enough out so there is no people noise...this really sounds like the experience of a lifetime!

Gina :|: Listening in the Litany

Wow! This is amazing! I can not imagine how much that experience has shaped your life. I'm not sure I could be so fearless.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on yesterday's post. I'm so glad you introduced yourself. Such a pleasure to meet you.


Thank you so much for writing this.
I would welcome any detail you are willing to share. Actually, it would be great if you could write a book about this experience. A mix of musings and practical tips. Wouldn't that be amazing?


ohhhh...thank you for sharing. i have a dream about a cabin in the woods near water....someday...


How interesting! I'd love to know why you went there, how you got there, and then, how you decided it was time to move on. Deeply personal questions and experiences, so I'd understand if you didn't want to share. Thank you for sharing what you have already.


I'd love to hear lots more, both specifics and general thoughts. And how you ended up there/why you left. I'm very interested in the specifics of living without running water/plumbing.

Thanks for this. It came at just the right time.


Am I the only one who wants the grooming tips?! I'm always trying to streamline my process in the a.m. and I would love to know how you managed in the woods!


What a lovely post, Abi. You rock!


I find this story incredibly compelling, for many reasons, but primarily because it tells us a lot about who you really are. An experience like that would surely give someone incredible inner strength, and I'd love to hear more detail about how you came to live in a cabin in the woods.


I found your blog yesterday and read a blurb about the cabin...I have been thinking about it since then. You can imagine how glad I was to see this post when I checked back today. I would love to read more about this!



That is all.

Suzanne in rural Ohio

Kieran Andersen

I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. I follow, "Our Yellow House" blog and saw that she mentioned you and your generosity. What a wonderful experience you had living in your little cabin.....


Not at all Kieran! Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read what may have been my longest post ever ;)


You need to write a book about those experiences, we would love to read it.


I remember the silence. The only white noise was the blood rushing in my head and that of my heart. When we finally got a space heater so that we could leave in the winter without freezing everything, the sound of the pilot nearly drove me crazy. Eventually, we did get electricity and the sounds that go with that became part of my life at night. The refrigerator hum still wakes me sometimes.


Whatever you want to share, I will appreciate. I realize we all may have done something unusual at one point in our life, well at least unusual to a lot of us...when it seemed just the thing to do at the time.

I was actually surpised to find out that you did shave! I would have let that one go. ;) There are other female hygiene things that come to mind but are maybe not suitable to talk about on the blog.

I still would like to know what your job was there, and how you came to live in the cabin in the first place. Thank you Abi!


Amazing! I think a part of me would love do this, but only maybe for a month. I would think by being that in touch with the simplicities of life would be very rewarding.


More, more, more!


Thank you for sharing this - I'd love to know more, especially about how the experience changed how you lived once you returned to liviving in 'civilization'.


Beautiful! Absolutely wonderful! I really loved reading this post and imagining myself in your shoes. I've never lived totally alone in the woods but have come fairly close. I worked for years at a very rustic summer camp. We had no windows or doors on the cabins and no electricity. The only light was in the bath house.

I am also an avid backpacker and love to go deep into the back country where it's so quite I can hear my own heart beating.

I want to hear more!

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