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January 18, 2010



Inspiring as always :) Thank you for sharing!


Wow! That was a great interview, and it was wonderful to learn more about your life choices. Thank you so much for sharing. I was fascinated, in particular, about the phase of your life when you lived in the cabin with the wood stove. We heat with wood, so I can relate. You always give me so much to think about, and I really enjoyed your thoughts on following dreams and happiness as a goal. I agree with you. By the way, thank you for being the first to comment on my blog... I was honored. I say something here, only because I haven't quite figured out how to reply to you there! I'm getting the hang of it, gradually, though.

Keep up the great work! Suzanne in rural Ohio


Loved the article! I too found the cabin living part of you life interesting - but in "oh my goodness I'm a total city girl still" kind of way :)

You all are inspiring...


That was a great read! And I feel very honored to be your friend.


I finally had the opportunity to sit down and really read the article and found it fascinating. I also browsed the website and found it very interesting. Thank you for sharing.


i loved reading your interview and that cabin looks like part of a living history museum.


Thanks so much Leah! Amy's interview really brought up so much I hadn't thought about for years. I just posted more about The Cabin :)


Thank you so much Kathy! Amy has such a great blog. So much inspiration to be found there!


Thanks Karin, I feel exactly the same way :) ooxx


Thanks so much Michelle :) My mom stayed with me once in the cabin and she is straight up city girl. It was a story in and of itself!


Hi Suzanne :) Thanks so much! It was a blast answering all her questions. I just posted more about the cabin because the interview really got me thinking!

I hope you're enjoying blogging so far! You'll know all the ins and outs in no time :)


Thanks Amanda!

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