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I am mostly a 50's housewife, mixed with a primitive and a touch of city girl. I am a grouping of many contradictions which makes life very confusing for me sometimes.

I feel naked without an apron on, knitting needles in my hands, and a baby tugging on my leg.

I feel happiest when I am with family, eating good food that we've grown and engaged in serious discussion.

I grew up in a funeral home so I have a pretty morbid sense of humor and am overly conscious of death.

This makes me a bit of a "worry wort of a mom" and a slightly inhibited individual when it comes to adventurous things.

I bake cookies every week and the neighbors know it.

I also have serious chicken whispering skills.


(in no particular order) horses, chickens, babies, medical oddities, alpacas, notions, knitting (obviously) but also vintage aprons, o'keefe and stieglitz, nikon d60's, fences that don't fence anything in, old mannequins, fabric, country fairs, classic pyrex casseroles, figuring out how to make gluten free bread that doesn't resemble a brick, doilies...,